11 czerwca 2024 r. firma Siemens opublikowała zalecenia dotyczące bezpieczeństwa dotyczące luk w zabezpieczeniach następujących produktów:

SSA-9002777.8MODEL File Parsing Vulnerability in Tecnomatix Plant Simulation before V2302.0012 and V2024.0001
SSA-8797347.5Multiple Vulnerabilities in SCALANCE XM-400/XR-500 before V6.6.1
SSA-8717047.8Multiple Vulnerabilities in SICAM Products AKTUALIZACJA
SSA-8322739.8Multiple Vulnerabilities in Fortigate NGFW before V7.4.3 on RUGGEDCOM APE1808 devices AKTUALIZACJA
SSA-7719407.8X_T File Parsing Vulnerabilities in Teamcenter Visualization and JT2Go
SSA-7537466.5Denial of Service Vulnerabilities in SIMATIC WinCC Affecting Other SIMATIC Software Products AKTUALIZACJA
SSA-7113097.5Denial of Service Vulnerability in the OPC UA Implementations of SIMATIC Products AKTUALIZACJA
SSA-6905179.1Multiple Vulnerabilities in SCALANCE W700 802.11 AX Family
SSA-6258629.8Multiple Vulnerabilities in Third-Party Components in SIMATIC CP 1542SP-1 and CP 1543SP-1 before V2.3
SSA-6203387.8Buffer Overflow Vulnerability in SICAM AK3 / BC / TM
SSA-5999687.5Denial-of-Service Vulnerability in Profinet Devices AKTUALIZACJA
SSA-5669057.5Multiple Denial of Service Vulnerabilities in the Webserver of Industrial Products AKTUALIZACJA
SSA-5406405.9Improper Privilege Management Vulnerability in Mendix Runtime
SSA-4827574.6Missing Immutable Root of Trust in S7-1500 CPU devices AKTUALIZACJA
SSA-4815068.2Information Disclosure Vulnerability in SIMATIC S7-200 SMART Devices
SSA-4464485.3Denial of Service Vulnerability in PROFINET Stack Integrated on Interniche Stack AKTUALIZACJA
SSA-4077857.8Multiple X_T File Parsing Vulnerabilities in Parasolid and Teamcenter Visualization AKTUALIZACJA
SSA-3983309.8Vulnerabilities in the additional GNU/Linux subsystem of the SIMATIC S7-1500 CPU 1518(F)-4 PN/DP MFP V3.1 AKTUALIZACJA
SSA-3530024.9Multiple Vulnerabilities in SCALANCE XB-200 / XC-200 / XP-200 / XF-200BA / XR-300WG Family AKTUALIZACJA
SSA-3410678.2Multiple vulnerabilities in third-party components in ST7 ScadaConnect before V1.1
SSA-3375229.8Multiple Vulnerabilities in TIM 1531 IRC before V2.4.8
SSA-3193193.3Denial of Service Vulnerability in TIA Administrator
SSA-2387305.6Out-of-Bounds Write Vulnerabilities in SITOP UPS1600 before V2.5.4
SSA-1967377.8Multiple Vulnerabilities in SINEC Traffic Analyzer before V1.2
SSA-09343010Multiple Vulnerabilities in SIMATIC RTLS Locating Manager before V3.0 AKTUALIZACJA
SSA-0354667.8Incorrect Permission Assignment in SICAM PAS/PQS AKTUALIZACJA
SSA-0245849.3Authentication Bypass Vulnerability in PowerSys before V3.11