On 20 December 2016 The Management Board of PSE S.A. established in our company Computer Emergency Response Team – CERT PSE (Resolution No. 880/88/2016).

The team’s objective is to provide and maintain a high level of service, we will support the department ICT security and a whole group of PSE in the following issues.

Main objectives and goals:

Reactive Services: Proactive Services: Security Quality Management Services:
Alerts and Warnings Announcements Security Consulting
Incident Handling Technology Watch Awareness Building
Incident analysis Security Audits or Assessments Education/Training
Incident response coordination Configuration and Maintenance of Security Tools, Applications, and Infrastructures Product Evaluation or Certification
Vulnerability Handling Security-Related Information Dissemination
Vulnerability analysis
Vulnerability response
Vulnerability response coordination
Artifact response coordination


Furthermore, we will be publishing in polish language some information concerning:

– publications and notifications of updates to popular software

– warnings about phishing campaign,

– warnings from existing and new threats coming from web,

– analysis of inquiry reports.



e-mail: cert@pse.pl

phone: +48222421996

PGP key: https://cert.pse-online.pl/pgp/

RFC – https://cert.pse-online.pl/RFC2350.txt/